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Academic Year 2018, Department of Business Management , Four-Year (B.A.) Program

Dept. Common Required Credits

University Common Required Credits

Common Elective Credits

Dept. Major Required Credits

University Major Required Credits

Major Elective Credits

Maximum Credits for Inter-Dept. Elective Credits

Minimum Credits for Graduation










  1. The required minimum credit hour for graduation with a degree is 133 credits.
  2. University Requirement: 33 credit hours

Concentration Requirement: 66 credit hours

Concentration Elective: 34 credit hours

  1. Maximum credit hours for Cross-discipline elective are 15 hours. (For interdisciplinary study, major elective credits are at least 2 credits for inter-departmental course taking, 6 credits for inter-collegiate course taking before graduation. The same course cannot be taken twice no matter which department held by.)
  2. Concentration requirement of service and technology management

Concentration requirement of marketing management

Concentration requirement of organization and strategy

Concentration requirement of finance management concentration ■

Students must complete at least three concentration requirement and two major electives to fulfill requirement for a concentration certificate. Students are encouraged to select more than one concentration.

  1. All undergraduate students are required to reach the minimum level of English proficiency or above as one of requirements for graduation with degree. For more details on the relevant standards of English proficiency, please consult with the website of the Office of Academic Affairs, National Taipei University of Technology.
  2. 5 core curriculum of Liberal Arts Education curriculumAesthetics & Arts, History & Culture, Democracy, Nature, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
  3. Foreign students from Hong Kong and Macao, whose graduating schools are comparable in level and nature to Taiwan’s senior high schools and whose graduating year is equivalent to the 2nd grade of Taiwan’s senior high schools, are considered as having a level of education adequate for registering for the entrance examination for the various 4-year bachelor programs in Taiwan’s universities. Suchlike undergraduate students, when admitted to National Taipei University of Technology’s Bachelor programs, are required to earn extra 12 credit units from the elective courses defined in their respective departments’ curriculum tables.
  4. The curriculum is only applicable to students enrolled in the academic year of 2018.