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Program lntro

Academic Year 2018, Department of Business Management , Master Program

Dept. Common Required Credits

University Common Required Credits

Common Elective Credits

Dept. Major Required Credits

University Major Required Credits

Major Elective Credits

Maximum Credits for Inter-Dept. Elective Credits

Minimum Credits for Graduation










  1. The required minimum credits for graduation with a degree are 44 credits.
  2. The minimum credits for concentration elective are 24 credits.
  3. Students must declare a concentration among marketing management, finance management, organization and strategy, and service and technology management, and choose three concentration electives from their declared concentration.
  4. The minimum credits for concentration requirement are 20 credits, which include 9 credits of management core (choose three courses among eight), 3 credits of analytical approach (choose one among three), 6 credits of master thesis, 1 credit of journal study and discussion, and 1 credit of business ethics.
  5. Maximum credits for Inter-Dept. elective credits are 9 credits.

The symbol for concentration: management core;◆analytical methods;◎marketing management;■finance management;□organization and strategy;*service and technology management;▽others are electives.

  1. The curriculum is only applicable for the class of 2018.